Monday, March 27, 2017

The Math of Health and Beauty. Part 2.

Green Tea plus Lemon is Healthy Heart
Recently Japanese scientists have found out that green tea lovers, who drink not less 2 cups of tea per a day, have lower chances to die from stroke or other cardiovascular diseases. This protective effect is provided by catechines, powerful antioxidants.

Also scientists were surprised one more fact. If lemon juice, containing the great amount of vitamin C, is added to green tea, human organism will get 13 times as much these useful substances. If you don’t like lemon, then you can add orange or grapefruit juice in tea.

Scientists also notify that it is better not to add cream or milk in green tea, because milk hampers the process of absorption not only catechines, but also other useful elements from tea.

Beef plus Carrot is Effective Immunity
This combination is not only tasty, but also very useful. As we know carrot is rich in vitamin A, which plays the important role in the protection of organism from infections. But it is difficult for our organism to extract useful substances without zinc. And zinc is contained in beef.

Vitamin A can "travel" in the circulatory system only in combination with protein. And zinc is necessary for forming protein, conjunctive vitamin A. That’s why, if zinc is not enough in organism, vitamin A won’t be able to get organism tissues from liver.

Water plus Cranberry Juice is Strong Teeth
As it turned out free-sugar cranberry juice prevents oral cavity from accumulation of streptococcic bacteria, provoking caries. Moreover cranberry juice keeps teeth from dental calculus.

Water dilutes juice and makes it not so acid. It means juice becomes more acceptable for stomach.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

The Math of Health and Beauty. Part 1.

One plus one is two. Is it true? Yes. And one plus one is four. Is it true? Yes, too. The thing is in the useful qualities of any foodstuff. During the interaction of definite components their useful effect will double. So you will get double use for your organism if you eat great combination of food. Here you can take a closer look at the top of the most useful nutritional combinations.

Apples plus Oranges is Energy
As you know apples contain the great number of iron. Doctors often recommend apples to treat anemia, various conditions of depression and fatigue. It’s a pity, but human organism can get only 20% of iron from apples.

Italian scientists found out that vitamin C increases assimilability of iron more than 5 times. This means when you eat the salad from one apple and one orange, you will get 100% useful iron, contained in apples!

Salad plus Avocado is Good Vision
American scientists made the experiment, when one group of people ate the salad composed of green lettuce, carrot and spinach, and another group ate the same salad with 3 tablespoons of avocado pulp in addition. As result the volunteers from the second group got alpha-carotene in 8 times more, beta-carotene in 13 times more and lutein in 4 times more.

As you understand all these substances are necessary and very useful for eyes health and good vision. Scientists suppose that the better assimilability of these useful substances should thank special fats, contained in avocado.

Friday, February 10, 2017

Great Looking Eyes Makeup Tips

It is well known: eyes are the window of the soul. It seems our eye beauty is unadorned, but this is not always the case. Sometimes it is better to whitewash something and to make some accents. You know it is easy to guess a person's age by wrinkled or bright skin around the eyes. Forbid seeing your real age! Accurate eye makeup can do wonders!

You should just obey a common sense. Try to follow some simple rules and there should be no problems with maintaining eye health, beauty and safety.

Use hypoallergenic makeup only, eyes are so sensitive!

Never apply eye makeup in a car, even you are slow in keeping an appointment.

Don't use waterproof mascara. Its fragments can offend your eyes.

Don't use eyeliner on the rim of the eye.

Don’t get too close to the eye with any type of makeup.

Never swap eye makeup sponges or brushes with any person, keep them clean and wash your sponges and brushes more often.

Never put on makeup if your eyes are red or become dropsically; you may irritate them more.

Pick up an appropriate eye makeup remover! It has a fundamental importance, especially for sensitive eyes.

Potatoes and cucumbers will reduce the appearance of dark, under-eye circles.

For great looking eyes makeup you need your own technique depending on your eyes and brows form and color, skin type and shade, your hair type and so on. On the other hand there are some common recipes how you should use powder shadows for a natural look and an eyeliner pencil for speaking glance at night. It is really not as difficult to look like a movie star as you apprehend. Follow our advices and you will achieve success.

1. Start with a pearly light gold eye shadow on the upper portion of the over eyelid. Then some rose-colored eye shadow, it should be applied to the outer half of each lid. Use either a dark chocolate brown or deep wine color eyeliner pencils. Finish by curling you eye lashes and applying a black, lengthening mascara.

2. Use neutral eye shadow and pencil tones to make natural, classic look. Prefer brown eye shadow on the lower portion of the eye lid with a darker brown in the eye lid crease. Add a touch of glamour by using a cream or pale beige across the upper portion of the eyelid. Next apply black or black-brown mascara. You need two or three coats of mascara.

3. Prefer a very light, pearly eye shadow and medium or dark brown eyeliner. Elegance and plainness of style may be added by light touch of eye brow pencil and two or three coats of black, thickening mascara over curled lashes.

Go ahead! Be mistress of the situation, you have the best eye makeup and you look like a million!

Friday, January 20, 2017

Healthy and Beautiful Hair in Winter

What does every girl dream of? What is the subject of our women’s pride? Of course it’s out hair. However, are there many of us who can boast about a gorgeous bush of hair? I don’t think so.

First of all, what influences the condition of our hair and skin of the head is vitamins. If a body has a shortage of some vitamins, hair becomes brittle, pale, and lifeless, the ends split. In winter, in general, our body and immune system are weakened, and we simply ought to help ourselves to make it through the winter without any bad consequences. For this purpose, take a course of vitamins.

A role of a shampoo itself is not insignificant as well. It should fit your hair type exactly. A shampoo for all hair types means none. Dry, normal, oily or combined (oily at hair roots and dry at ends) hairs need absolutely different treatment. You should not neglect this fact. Don’t forget to use a hair conditioner after washing your hair.

Washing hair correctly is a recipe of success of beautiful hair. Wash your hair only with massage moves, you can even do massage of your head.

Make it a rule to do masks once a week. In winter time our hair especially needs extra care. You can buy a mask in a store, but it’s even better to make it yourself.

For dry hair in winter time it will be great to do a mask with 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil and 1 tablespoon of castor oil. You need to apply this mask not to hair itself but work it into the scalp, after which you need to cover your head with a warm towel. Such an application promotes normalization of blood circulation and nutrition of dry hair. Wait for 10-15 minutes, then rinse the mask with the help of shampoo. Don’t forget about hair conditioner.

For normal hair a kefir mask is recommended. This mask will not only strengthen your hair but give it a shine which we miss so much in winter. Apply kefir or serum on your hair long. Massage the scalp. Then you need to cover your hair with a plastic hat and a towel for 15-20 minutes. Wash the mask away as usual.

For oily hair you may use a mask made of yolk and oils. Mix a yolk with a teaspoon of vegetable oil and some drops of castor oil. Apply the mask on your hair and scalp, wait for 15-20 minutes. Wash it away as usual.

Keep in mind these simple rules, a little bit of time, and the result does not take long!

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Essential Oils for Youthful Beauty

An aromatherapy has been widely spreading around the world since the ancient times. Essential oils are beneficial not only for people suffering from ailments or body pains, but its use in cosmetic production due to its wonderful ability to keep and enhance natural beauty. Nowadays there is a growing number of people who come to realize its benefits in preserving natural beauty.

Adding a few drops of essential oils in your handmade cosmetic products can create wonderful effect. But figuring out which essential oil suit best your skin type sometimes becomes confusing. There is a diversity of essential oil types that can protect and develop the natural beauty of face. Below there are some of the recommended essential oils that you can use, depending on your type of skin:

For normal skin you can choose from essential oils including geranium, carrot, lavender, jasmine, fennel, rose, neroli, lemon, cedar wood, soy, primrose, almond, orange, rosewood, ylang-ylang.

For dry skin you can select from the following essential oil types: lavender, patchouli, sandalwood, rosemary, and rose.

For oily skin your option of essential oils contains cypress, lavender, lemon, neroli, myrrh, thyme, rosemary, carrot seed, jasmine, geranium, lavender, orange, castor, sandalwood, rosewood, rose, ylang-ylang and lime.

For combination skin it is beneficial next essential oils: geranium, rosewood, ylang-ylang, rose geranium hydrosol.

For sensitive skin it is useful next oils: rose, Palma Rosa, rosewood, carrot, angelica, jasmine.

As a skin care product, you can make your own lavender lotion. Put lavender water, some drops of lavender essential oil, lemon juice, and some tablespoons of witch hazel into container. Then shake it until all ingredients are mixed together. You have created toning lotion that will nourish and refresh your face.

Taking a bath is usual procedure that every person carries out every day. However, you can obtain more benefits by applying some herbs or essential oils during bathing. This will promote your body to relax and get ready to your daily activities and issues. You have to malax herbs and flowers, then solve body soap in bath water and add the flowers and essential oil into the water. Take a bath until a full body relaxation.

Essential oils are successfully used in hair care. In addition, essential oils are used extensively in hand care. To have smoothed and tender hands you can create an aromatic liquid soap including few drops of natural oils. You can also apply essential oils to enhance the skin around your foot and make it more pleasing.

Essential oil is a safe alternative to products that utilize a lot of chemical compounds that can be harmful to your skin. Herbal materials and essential oils make your handmade skin care products effective and beneficial.