Monday, May 11, 2009

Nail Care Tips

Nail Care TipsNail care is very important when it is question to personal grooming. If you have been careless about your nails, your appearance would be slovenly in spite of makeup and most fashionable clothes. For all that you’ll be a bit shabby. Every day you should bind to be bound to pay some more attention to nail care. Make a practice of looking after your nails every day, it will take you some minutes, but permit you to take matters easy about your appearance. Well-tended hands will supplement assuredness.

Take care of your nails between salon visits. Treat them well and you'll do just fine. Basic principles of nail care:
- Wash hands with mild soap, including glycerin, olive oil, aloe or herb extracts;

- Immerse your fingers into warm water with herb tea for a few minutes before taking a shortcut the cuticles (the rims of skin at the bottom of the nails);

- Take a shortcut of the cuticles, if they are long and ragged, very accurate;

- Maintain the nails to the same length, cutting off any jagged or feather-edged rims;

- Cut the ends of the nails to smooth them off and agnails;

- Always use hand cream and hand lotion to prevent dry skin. At the age of 30-35, also use an age-protection hand cream from time to time. Arnica hand cream is well-known as a good remedy for dry skin;

- Cut your nails regularly and always keep them in good trim;

- If your nails are exposed to chemical product, moisture, water, etc, it could result in split peeling nails or allergic reaction. Use rubber gloves to protect your nails in the course of housework;

- Never use something like scissors for both simultaneously for infected and healthy nails;

- Don’t agglutinate fractured nail, cut it and let grow again.

Keep in mind: nails are an indicator of your general health; if you have deep problems with your nails (fragility of nails, toneless color, peeling nails), consult your physician. So much for hair vitamin and mineral deficiency equally refers to nails. Nail care begin with health food. Turn your attention to fresh fruits and vegetables, rich with Vitamin C.

To get healthy nails, you need silicium, zinc, iodine, magnesium, selenium, copper. The only one component deficiency can lead to nail problems. The necessary vitamins are: vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin В group. Hypoferremia and hypokalemia also influence nail health status.

Some other important things you need to know:
- Nails grow on the average 1mm weekly;

- Your nutrition works upon your nail health status. Prefer food rich in calcium, iron and zinc;

- White strip on the nail is not a sign of calcium deficiency;

- Strong soaps and abstergents can dry out nails and cause them to rend. Use rubber gloves when work with abstergents or doing the washing up.