Thursday, August 20, 2009

Aromatherapy, the First Step

Aromatherapy, the First StepSo, if you would like to try aromatherapy, it is quite easy. The only things that matter is to take aromatherapy without prejudice, in this case your reaction to essence will be always positive.

As a preliminary purpose you may choose a searching of aromas to create a cheerful mind. Take note of aromas of rose, conifers, orange or sweet basil. Children, as usual, love warm, sweetish smells most of all. If you are going to buy aromatic oils, find a good chemist's shop or special shop making a market of natural means. You need natural aromatic oils only. Not natural identical flavor!

You may start with recipes for air aromatization, for example:

- To elate mix: orange oil - 2 drops, ylang-ylang oil - 2 drops;

- To allay anxiety mix: orange oil - 2 drops, rose oil - 3 drops, peppermint oil – 2 drops;

- To relax mix: rose oil - 3 drops, lavender oil – 2 drops, juniper oil – 3 drops;

- To create holiday spirit: lemon oil - 3 drops, orange oil - 2 drops, chamomile oil - 2 drops;

- To create Christmas mood: lavender oil - 2 drops, cinnamon - 2 drops, rose oil - 3 drops; or another recipe: tangerine oil - 3 drops, lemon oil - 3 drops.

Sure you will acquire your favorite aromas. For effect enhancement try to apply any positive visuality to make a good association. You may control your emotions in this manner. It would be enough to use a necessary aroma to make a cheerful mind.

Keep in mind: if you feel seek, headache, experience hypersensitivity or any other physical discomfort, stop using aroma oils. Assure yourself of your oils quality. Hereafter try to determine which oil specifically causes this feeling.