Sunday, September 27, 2009

Useful Properties of Aroma Oils

Useful Properties of Aroma OilsJuniper
The juniper is used, as diuretic, clearing means, encourage blood clearance of toxins, normalizes water-salt metabolism and builds up nervous system. As psychosomatry, juniper normalizes mental processes. As cosmetic, juniper is used for dyssebacia, eczema and acne treatment.

Lavender is an antiphlogistic, wound-healing and drain remedy. As psychosomatry, lavender normalizes mental processes, alleviates decision making. As cosmetic, lavender is used for its drainage effect, it improves skin plasticity.

Rose is well-known for its softening action and rejuvenating effect. As psychosomatry rose helps to get through sadness, melancholy, overcome a blow. As cosmetic, rose is used to preclude skin aging, for sensitive skin, healthy complexion regeneration.

Ylang-ylang normalizes cardiac performance, is popularly known as excitant, eliminates wheeze. As psychosomatry this oil eliminates irritation, aggression, anger. As cosmetic, ylang-ylang is used to normalize sebaceous glands work, for cellulitis treatment. Ylang-ylang is also used for baths and inhalations.

Lemon is used as drain remedy, reduces a blood pressure, activates water-salt metabolism. Lemon is well-known as an antasthenic. Besides, lemon strengthens reflective faculty, aggrandizes intellectual concentration. As cosmetic, lemon is used for fragility of nails treatment.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Aromatherapy Methods Tips

Aromatherapy Methods TipsThere are a lot of methods to use aromatherapy. It's all according what you want to do. Aroma oils exercise a salutary influence over the whole organism. It is necessary to pick up oil carefully to be sure it will be useful for you. The method should be chosen on a case-by-case basis.

Aromas can be used with the following methods:

Aromatic massage has a perfect effect on the central nervous system, on blood circulation and respiratory bodies. Essence mixes up with a base or massage cream, and uses as a usual cream.

Compresses with aromatic oils are intended for influence on a certain part of a body. With this object in mind, essence should be added into hot water, then moisten a fabric and put it on the necessary area for 10-30 minutes.

Aromatic baths usually make use of a whole course of treatment for the satisfactory effect. Essence or a mix of oils adds at the supreme moment to prevent evaporation. Don’t forget to mix aroma oil with base oil; otherwise you risk having after-pains and feeling redo.

Inhalations with essences. Add some oil drops in warm water, use aroma lamp or a container with warm water.

Room flavouring. Moisten a fabric in warm water with some oil drops and put it on the radiator, if it is a cold season or aromatize some slips of paper and put them in some places.