Sunday, September 27, 2009

Useful Properties of Aroma Oils

Useful Properties of Aroma OilsJuniper
The juniper is used, as diuretic, clearing means, encourage blood clearance of toxins, normalizes water-salt metabolism and builds up nervous system. As psychosomatry, juniper normalizes mental processes. As cosmetic, juniper is used for dyssebacia, eczema and acne treatment.

Lavender is an antiphlogistic, wound-healing and drain remedy. As psychosomatry, lavender normalizes mental processes, alleviates decision making. As cosmetic, lavender is used for its drainage effect, it improves skin plasticity.

Rose is well-known for its softening action and rejuvenating effect. As psychosomatry rose helps to get through sadness, melancholy, overcome a blow. As cosmetic, rose is used to preclude skin aging, for sensitive skin, healthy complexion regeneration.

Ylang-ylang normalizes cardiac performance, is popularly known as excitant, eliminates wheeze. As psychosomatry this oil eliminates irritation, aggression, anger. As cosmetic, ylang-ylang is used to normalize sebaceous glands work, for cellulitis treatment. Ylang-ylang is also used for baths and inhalations.

Lemon is used as drain remedy, reduces a blood pressure, activates water-salt metabolism. Lemon is well-known as an antasthenic. Besides, lemon strengthens reflective faculty, aggrandizes intellectual concentration. As cosmetic, lemon is used for fragility of nails treatment.