Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Skin Care in Winter

In winter, our skin becomes more sensitive, because the winter frost affects it very negatively, making it flush and peel, covers it with a mesh of wrinkles. It’s winter time when we should pick up a whole set of means necessary to protect the skin from freezing troubles.

Means against peeling
Peeling is the first sign of dehydration, which the skin overdried by icy wind sends to you. To avoid this, don’t use scrub to remove the scales, you just need to soften and moisturize the skin with rich serums and balms, and, before going out to the street, put a layer of protective cream above them. This cream must necessarily contain petrolatum or glycerin. Protective cream should be applied to the skin 30 minutes before going out of a warm place. When you come home or to your work, you must remove the cream and apply it only before the next going out to the street.

The next tool that you really need in winter time is cosmetics with nutritional supplements that contain vegetable oil, similar in composition to skin fats, and essential oils.

Loss of moisture
The natural moisture level of frost-damaged, flaky skin drops, due to which water is drained from the epidermis. And skin becomes even more helpless and very sensitive to all external influences.

To moisten the dehydrated skin you should choose a night cream with liquid emulsion nutrient composition with increased water content. This cream penetrates deeper into the skin. You can use hydrating cosmetics with cucumber extract and peanut butter, which nourishes epidermis with necessary moisture.

Very often in winter, in the cold, our skin gets an unpleasant red color. Cold redness covers neck, forehead, and nose, and lasts long.

Doctors recommend using contrasting procedures - washing with warm, then cool water by turns, wiping the skin with ice cubes made of herbal extracts, as these procedures train blood vessels, make them impervious to frost and sends an unhealthy redness off your face.

Vitamin deficiency
To update its frame by which the skin looks toned and elastic, at any time of year, your skin requires vitamins. Especially important ones for skin are vitamins A, E, C, B3, B8, which in winter is a problem.

Therefore it is necessary to use multivitamin creams containing amino acids and macro elements. Wipe your skin well with fresh potato juice containing all the vitamins necessary for skin, and also about thirty macro elements.

Monday, December 6, 2010

The Key for a Spotless Skin

The body is a complicated ensemble of items which interact in order to act correctly. To make this ensemble work accordingly, each on the items must function great in its turn. If something does not go right inside it will be felt instantly on the outside too. This is why we must be very cautious at the foods, drinks and other substances that we intake. Each and every thing that we drink and eat has an affect on the entire body.

The skin is also affected by the personal diet. The skin is the mirror of the body: if the body is healthy, the skin appears good and healthy, while if the body is not functioning properly, the skin will become dried, spots or discolorations will happen, the skin is prone to infections or other skin problems, looks flaky or oily, wrinkles appear quickly and the overall characteristics are bad.

This reason is good enough to initiate a balanced diet that will include all the minerals, vitamins, fats, amino acids, carbohydrates, and antioxidants that the body and skin need. Thus, dairy products, fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grain cereals, as well as meat are products which should not disappear from the diet. Eaten in the right amounts these aliments can offer the body all the substances it needs and at the same time make the skin look excellent.

For persons, who want to get rid of spots, have a white and evenly colored skin and don't let wrinkles appearing, the diet should contains fruits and vegetables rich in antioxidants. All types of berries, like blackberries, blueberries, acai berries, blackcurrants and black grapes and also green tea are great sources of antioxidants. Add them to your diet each and every day and your skin will become whiter, the wrinkles will be significantly reduced, and the spots will be gone.

Also, drink about eight glasses of water daily for moisturizing your skin from the inside. This will help it retain the moisture and will help the skin fight all the outer and inner factors much easier. Also, the layers of skin will regenerate faster and the skin will heal itself. There will be no scars or spots left to make your skin appear ugly or unhealthy.

Therefore, if you do not want scars, spots or wrinkles on your face try to have a well-balanced diet that will offer your body and skin all the needed nutrients for functioning and looking well. Remember that beauty, in most of the cases, comes from the inside!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Orange Essential Oil for Your Beauty

Familiar to everyone, oranges once were considered as an expensive east rarity. The orange tree originates from the East, in particular from China and India. Orange essential oil is safe and non-toxic, with sweet fruit aroma.

Orange aroma is a good mean against depression. It stimulates muscular activity, refreshes perception, helps to get rid of hopelessness and indifference, creates romantic mood, and helps to feel the taste of life. Aromatic baths with orange oil are effective at a nervous tension, and also in case of cellulite.

Sweet orange oil
Sweet orange essential oil has a relevant ability to reduce extra weight. Therefore it is oftener used in aromatherapy, in case of adiposity and for body weight regulation. This oil is also a perfectly proved anti-cellulite means. The oil regulates carbohydrate and adipose metabolism. Orange oil clears skin well, it lightens pigment stains, promotes cell renewal, and improves complexion. Especially effectively orange oil affects dry and dehydrated skin. It refreshes and restores this kind of skin.

• Enrichment of cosmetics: mix 3-5 drops of sweet orange oil with 10-15 g of a cosmetic mean.

• Massage and self-massage: mix 4-5 drops of essential oil with 1-2 table spoons of almond oil.

• Baths: add 5-7 drops of orange essential oil mixed with 2 tablespoons of sea salt to a warm bath. The time of spa-procedure is 10-15 minutes.

• Idiosyncrasy. The oil can cause irritation of sensitive skin and increase its sun vulnerability.

• Not for internal use, this oil is toxic.

Bitter orange oil
Bitter orange essential oil has antiseptic, antimicrobial, antirheumatic, anti-sclerotic, bile-expelling, antitoxic, deodorizing, healing, anesthetizing, antidepressant, anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, stimulating, carminative, expectorant, diaphoretic, stimulating, and toning up effects.

• Using bitter orange oil is similar to using sweet orange oil.

• Besides, it can be used internally. The oil is a beneficial treatment for skin, oral mucosa, and for digestive actions.

• Bitter orange oil can be used for reparation of dry and normal skin.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Coffee against Cellulite

No need to despair if you have cellulite. The perfect cure for cellulite can be found on the bottom of your own coffee cup. Since this time you do not have to spend money on expensive creams.

Just take a minute and make a scrub for skin with cellulite from the coffee grounds. Brew flavored drink from grains of black coffee and then filter it. Mix a teaspoon of olive oil (it is rich in vitamins and provides a rejuvenating effect) and a tablespoon of coffee grounds. Scrub is ready!

Use scrub after a shower. Apply it on the skin, massage all problem areas with scrub and leave for 2 minutes. Then rinse with warm water. Scrub from coffee grounds will make the skin silky and soft; improve blood circulation and lymph kinesis.

Do not forget that caffeine has a stimulating effect on the body, even through the pores of the skin. So do not use this scrub late at night. Also do not use this scrub if you have any skin diseases. For better achievement of the effect, do the morning exercises.

You can use another variants of coffee scrub to fight against cellulite:

Coffee scrub with sea salt. To make it you will need 2 cups of ground coffee, 1/2 cup of sea salt (or you can replace salt with brown sugar), 2-3 tablespoons of massage oil. Mix all ingredients and apply on the problem zones.

Coffee scrub with shower gel and cream. Mix coffee grounds with shower gel and cream. Then apply the mixture on skin with circular massaging movements.

Coffee scrub with honey. Take 1/2 cup of honey for two tablespoons of ground coffee. Apply this scrub on the places with cellulite.

Coffee scrub with yogurt. Add 1/2 cup of ground coffee to 1/2 glass of kefir and mix everything. Apply scrub on the body with light massage movements.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Essential Natural Skin Moisturizer

Essential Natural Skin MoisturizerIf you are 15 or 70 y.o. your body and your skin need water. Actually we need a lot of high quality water to maintain our health and to look and feel good. Our body consists of water about 60 – 85%. It is about 60% for a grown up person (about 50% for the old one). It is about 85-87 % for neonate.

So, our ongoing issue is a conical dehydration and our constant requirement is to our water balance in proper condition. Have you ever thought that to get enough of water is a problem?

Water is the secret ingredient for dewy-fresh skin. Well-moisturized skin is soft and resilient, shows a healthy skin appearance and ages less quickly. Water defends the skin from drying and chapping, thus slowing the aging process.

So called "transepidermal water loss" is a process when water moves through the body to the surface and leaves skin with perspiration, dehumidification or evaporation. If your body is deficient in water, the skin's upper layers become dry and fragile. It may cause premature wrinkles.

These facts get across that drinking at least six glasses of water daily and eating fluid-rich fruits and vegetables is necessary for your health and appearance. Water drinking helps to normalize dry or oily skin problems. There is no need for next step forward the theme.

You may estimate you own daily necessary water volume. It is 40 milliliters per a kilogram. If your weight is 50 kg., you need 40*50 =2000=2 liters of water daily.

Apart from everything already told, your skin needs everyday dampening and moistening. Try to avoid dry air accommodations, to prevent an excessive drying.

What about beauty preparations, keep in mind: younger skin only needs light natural skin moisturizers, the while older skin needs specific nourishing and moistening treatments.

As the best natural skin moisturizers are suggested: vegetable glycerin, rose water, jojoba oil, vitamin E oils, sorbitol (derived from plants), honey, aloe Vera, and iris. Since ancient times, these natural ingredients have been used effectively to treat all form of dry skin, scalds, insect bites, skin irritations, acne, hacks, grazes and other problems. Look for these natural skin moisturizers in your beauty preparation.

When you choose a face moisturizer, pay attention to some harmful ingredients: mineral oil, for example, is used in many skin care products. It is not a healthy product. Mineral oil can dry the skin, block pores, and embarrass skin breathing. You’d better look for natural skin moisturizers.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Day to Day Reflexogenic Face Massage

Day to Day Reflexogenic Face MassageSome original East massage techniques recommend everyday massage of face reflexogenic zones. Today, many new recreative gymnastics complexes indicate to start your training with the face reflexogenic zones massage. This short complex will exercise a salutary influence over all your body systems.

Stand straight, put legs shoulder-width apart and keep them straight. Keep your head up and straight-back, but without pressure. Massage with two fingers (forefinger and middle finger) of both hands the same zone synchronously. Keep your elbows in a parallel way to the floor. Make 10 circling in a clockwise direction then just as much in a counterclockwise direction. Don’t press heavily!

Start with the zone in the middle of the forehead. Then proceed to action on a temporal fossas, massage each fossa with the corresponding hand. Then arm your ears and start to stroke and knead them gently. Keep in mind, your ears are the models of your body, you can bring your body to rights with this influence. Go down to the wings of nose, find two somewhat points of tenderness, massage each point with the corresponding hand synchronously. The last zone is situated between the under lip and the chin, if you find it right, you’ll sense your lower tooth.

Spend only 5 minutes to this massage every day and it will get you a great benefit, beyond peradventure.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Day to Day Reflexogenic Feet Massage

Day to Day Reflexogenic Feet MassageA human has been created to walk barefoot. Our feet have got a crowd of reflexogenic points; those should be massaged naturally in the process of walking. We should tread the ground, sink, stones, bump and other irregular surfaces barefoot everyday. But we wear boots…

You can recompense your natural requirement in feet reflexogenic massage in some different ways:

1. Buy massage inner soles for your boots. If you have a flat foot you also need arch support.

2. Have short barefoot walks or make special artificial irregular surfaces at home. Take a big box with low walls and fill it with sea-salt, pebbles, buttons and bumps. Tick over in this surface every day not less then 10 minutes. You may also buy a special massage floor mat.

3. Massage your feet twice a day in the morning before going for a work and in the evening before going to bed. If you are short of time, prefer evening, when feet are tired. Use masseurs and flesh-brushes to massage all feet and press with finger tips some particular points if you need to treat the particular organ or system. When you don’t know if you need it, try to find points of tenderness and massage them, but not very intensive. Always control your sensory evidences and well-being.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Methods and Techniques of Reflexogenic Massage

Methods and Techniques of Reflexogenic MassageThere are some methods and techniques of reflexogenic massage, which selection depends on the total square and indispensable intensity action. There are two general types of massage techniques.

Massage with arms and fingers. The manual method is the simplest and usually most effective. You can massage with the tips of the fingers doing finger circling in a clockwise direction or in a counterclockwise direction (first variant is appropriate to increase the power and energy of the particular organ or body system, the second one helps to relax and lower pain and inflammation). If the particular marking needs more strength press (in the bottoms of the feet), you may use the movable joint of the bowed finger.

Remember! Massage creams or oils are not necessary for the reflexogenic massage. You don’t need to skim your skin, just effect the particular zone, without skin friction.

There a lot of different massagers to massage the necessary zones. They are made from different materials: wood substance, plastic material, metal. They also have different forms and can have pebbles, bubbles, needle nozzle. If you’ll look for an appropriate massager, you have a wide choice of them to suit yourself.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Do You Need a Reflexogenic Massage?

Do You Need a Reflexogenic Massage?Reflexotherapy is a self-contained treatment system. It is usually very effective and gets the wind of the other treatment systems. It is also, quite pleasant by virtue of the fact that it is founded on massage techniques. When someone massages you or you do it yourself, it is a good way to relax and get a charge out of the process.

By the same token, reflexotherapy improves your health. Reflexotherapy is very informative, because this method is a perfect diagnostic agent.

Reflexotherapy can increase results of other types of therapy, simultaneously. It is safe and useful apart from some special cases.

Reflexotherapy contra-indications:
• Growth or danger of metastasis;
• The inflamed places on the body;
• Infectious diseases and high temperature;
• Hypodermic condensations;
• Phlebeurysma;
• Warts and birthmarks.

If you are going to use self-massage as a disease treatment, consult your physician first and look for a good trained book for reflexogenic massage beginners. Always control your health status and well-being. At the same time remember that any abolition of disease comes through exacerbation. It is natural; don’t worry about it too much.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Self-massage as a Natural Way to Support Your Health and Beauty

Self-massage as a Natural Way to Support Your Health and BeautyOur body is not a combination of organs with cutaneous covering, muscular system and skeleton. Human body is much more complex organization we can imagine. All systems of our body work in close relationship and markedly affect each other.

All human organs and systems may be cured or touch not only directly, but mediated. Have you ever heard about reflexogenic zones of human body? The point is that all organs and systems can be influenced by action on the reflexogenic zones. We have different zones on our bodies those correspond to each organs and systems.

Reflexogenic zones are located in cone parts of the body. The accumulation of them is in the arms (palms and fingers), legs (footsteps and shanks) and ears. Ears fit the shape of embryo, so there are zones corresponding to each organs and systems of the human body.

Self-massage or massage of the reflexogenic zones is used in traditional folk-medicine techniques as a supplement or a general treatment. It should be repeated daily and for a long enough period of time and can be very effective subject to this proviso. This massage is sometimes used as a type of diagnostics. If it is difficult to diagnose the case, doctors usually recommend massaging some zones to find the most painful one; it helps to find a problem.