Thursday, January 14, 2010

Self-massage as a Natural Way to Support Your Health and Beauty

Self-massage as a Natural Way to Support Your Health and BeautyOur body is not a combination of organs with cutaneous covering, muscular system and skeleton. Human body is much more complex organization we can imagine. All systems of our body work in close relationship and markedly affect each other.

All human organs and systems may be cured or touch not only directly, but mediated. Have you ever heard about reflexogenic zones of human body? The point is that all organs and systems can be influenced by action on the reflexogenic zones. We have different zones on our bodies those correspond to each organs and systems.

Reflexogenic zones are located in cone parts of the body. The accumulation of them is in the arms (palms and fingers), legs (footsteps and shanks) and ears. Ears fit the shape of embryo, so there are zones corresponding to each organs and systems of the human body.

Self-massage or massage of the reflexogenic zones is used in traditional folk-medicine techniques as a supplement or a general treatment. It should be repeated daily and for a long enough period of time and can be very effective subject to this proviso. This massage is sometimes used as a type of diagnostics. If it is difficult to diagnose the case, doctors usually recommend massaging some zones to find the most painful one; it helps to find a problem.