Thursday, February 4, 2010

Do You Need a Reflexogenic Massage?

Do You Need a Reflexogenic Massage?Reflexotherapy is a self-contained treatment system. It is usually very effective and gets the wind of the other treatment systems. It is also, quite pleasant by virtue of the fact that it is founded on massage techniques. When someone massages you or you do it yourself, it is a good way to relax and get a charge out of the process.

By the same token, reflexotherapy improves your health. Reflexotherapy is very informative, because this method is a perfect diagnostic agent.

Reflexotherapy can increase results of other types of therapy, simultaneously. It is safe and useful apart from some special cases.

Reflexotherapy contra-indications:
• Growth or danger of metastasis;
• The inflamed places on the body;
• Infectious diseases and high temperature;
• Hypodermic condensations;
• Phlebeurysma;
• Warts and birthmarks.

If you are going to use self-massage as a disease treatment, consult your physician first and look for a good trained book for reflexogenic massage beginners. Always control your health status and well-being. At the same time remember that any abolition of disease comes through exacerbation. It is natural; don’t worry about it too much.