Monday, March 29, 2010

Day to Day Reflexogenic Feet Massage

Day to Day Reflexogenic Feet MassageA human has been created to walk barefoot. Our feet have got a crowd of reflexogenic points; those should be massaged naturally in the process of walking. We should tread the ground, sink, stones, bump and other irregular surfaces barefoot everyday. But we wear boots…

You can recompense your natural requirement in feet reflexogenic massage in some different ways:

1. Buy massage inner soles for your boots. If you have a flat foot you also need arch support.

2. Have short barefoot walks or make special artificial irregular surfaces at home. Take a big box with low walls and fill it with sea-salt, pebbles, buttons and bumps. Tick over in this surface every day not less then 10 minutes. You may also buy a special massage floor mat.

3. Massage your feet twice a day in the morning before going for a work and in the evening before going to bed. If you are short of time, prefer evening, when feet are tired. Use masseurs and flesh-brushes to massage all feet and press with finger tips some particular points if you need to treat the particular organ or system. When you don’t know if you need it, try to find points of tenderness and massage them, but not very intensive. Always control your sensory evidences and well-being.