Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Methods and Techniques of Reflexogenic Massage

Methods and Techniques of Reflexogenic MassageThere are some methods and techniques of reflexogenic massage, which selection depends on the total square and indispensable intensity action. There are two general types of massage techniques.

Massage with arms and fingers. The manual method is the simplest and usually most effective. You can massage with the tips of the fingers doing finger circling in a clockwise direction or in a counterclockwise direction (first variant is appropriate to increase the power and energy of the particular organ or body system, the second one helps to relax and lower pain and inflammation). If the particular marking needs more strength press (in the bottoms of the feet), you may use the movable joint of the bowed finger.

Remember! Massage creams or oils are not necessary for the reflexogenic massage. You don’t need to skim your skin, just effect the particular zone, without skin friction.

There a lot of different massagers to massage the necessary zones. They are made from different materials: wood substance, plastic material, metal. They also have different forms and can have pebbles, bubbles, needle nozzle. If you’ll look for an appropriate massager, you have a wide choice of them to suit yourself.