Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Day to Day Reflexogenic Face Massage

Day to Day Reflexogenic Face MassageSome original East massage techniques recommend everyday massage of face reflexogenic zones. Today, many new recreative gymnastics complexes indicate to start your training with the face reflexogenic zones massage. This short complex will exercise a salutary influence over all your body systems.

Stand straight, put legs shoulder-width apart and keep them straight. Keep your head up and straight-back, but without pressure. Massage with two fingers (forefinger and middle finger) of both hands the same zone synchronously. Keep your elbows in a parallel way to the floor. Make 10 circling in a clockwise direction then just as much in a counterclockwise direction. Don’t press heavily!

Start with the zone in the middle of the forehead. Then proceed to action on a temporal fossas, massage each fossa with the corresponding hand. Then arm your ears and start to stroke and knead them gently. Keep in mind, your ears are the models of your body, you can bring your body to rights with this influence. Go down to the wings of nose, find two somewhat points of tenderness, massage each point with the corresponding hand synchronously. The last zone is situated between the under lip and the chin, if you find it right, you’ll sense your lower tooth.

Spend only 5 minutes to this massage every day and it will get you a great benefit, beyond peradventure.