Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Essential Natural Skin Moisturizer

Essential Natural Skin MoisturizerIf you are 15 or 70 y.o. your body and your skin need water. Actually we need a lot of high quality water to maintain our health and to look and feel good. Our body consists of water about 60 – 85%. It is about 60% for a grown up person (about 50% for the old one). It is about 85-87 % for neonate.

So, our ongoing issue is a conical dehydration and our constant requirement is to our water balance in proper condition. Have you ever thought that to get enough of water is a problem?

Water is the secret ingredient for dewy-fresh skin. Well-moisturized skin is soft and resilient, shows a healthy skin appearance and ages less quickly. Water defends the skin from drying and chapping, thus slowing the aging process.

So called "transepidermal water loss" is a process when water moves through the body to the surface and leaves skin with perspiration, dehumidification or evaporation. If your body is deficient in water, the skin's upper layers become dry and fragile. It may cause premature wrinkles.

These facts get across that drinking at least six glasses of water daily and eating fluid-rich fruits and vegetables is necessary for your health and appearance. Water drinking helps to normalize dry or oily skin problems. There is no need for next step forward the theme.

You may estimate you own daily necessary water volume. It is 40 milliliters per a kilogram. If your weight is 50 kg., you need 40*50 =2000=2 liters of water daily.

Apart from everything already told, your skin needs everyday dampening and moistening. Try to avoid dry air accommodations, to prevent an excessive drying.

What about beauty preparations, keep in mind: younger skin only needs light natural skin moisturizers, the while older skin needs specific nourishing and moistening treatments.

As the best natural skin moisturizers are suggested: vegetable glycerin, rose water, jojoba oil, vitamin E oils, sorbitol (derived from plants), honey, aloe Vera, and iris. Since ancient times, these natural ingredients have been used effectively to treat all form of dry skin, scalds, insect bites, skin irritations, acne, hacks, grazes and other problems. Look for these natural skin moisturizers in your beauty preparation.

When you choose a face moisturizer, pay attention to some harmful ingredients: mineral oil, for example, is used in many skin care products. It is not a healthy product. Mineral oil can dry the skin, block pores, and embarrass skin breathing. You’d better look for natural skin moisturizers.