Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Skin Care in Winter

In winter, our skin becomes more sensitive, because the winter frost affects it very negatively, making it flush and peel, covers it with a mesh of wrinkles. It’s winter time when we should pick up a whole set of means necessary to protect the skin from freezing troubles.

Means against peeling
Peeling is the first sign of dehydration, which the skin overdried by icy wind sends to you. To avoid this, don’t use scrub to remove the scales, you just need to soften and moisturize the skin with rich serums and balms, and, before going out to the street, put a layer of protective cream above them. This cream must necessarily contain petrolatum or glycerin. Protective cream should be applied to the skin 30 minutes before going out of a warm place. When you come home or to your work, you must remove the cream and apply it only before the next going out to the street.

The next tool that you really need in winter time is cosmetics with nutritional supplements that contain vegetable oil, similar in composition to skin fats, and essential oils.

Loss of moisture
The natural moisture level of frost-damaged, flaky skin drops, due to which water is drained from the epidermis. And skin becomes even more helpless and very sensitive to all external influences.

To moisten the dehydrated skin you should choose a night cream with liquid emulsion nutrient composition with increased water content. This cream penetrates deeper into the skin. You can use hydrating cosmetics with cucumber extract and peanut butter, which nourishes epidermis with necessary moisture.

Very often in winter, in the cold, our skin gets an unpleasant red color. Cold redness covers neck, forehead, and nose, and lasts long.

Doctors recommend using contrasting procedures - washing with warm, then cool water by turns, wiping the skin with ice cubes made of herbal extracts, as these procedures train blood vessels, make them impervious to frost and sends an unhealthy redness off your face.

Vitamin deficiency
To update its frame by which the skin looks toned and elastic, at any time of year, your skin requires vitamins. Especially important ones for skin are vitamins A, E, C, B3, B8, which in winter is a problem.

Therefore it is necessary to use multivitamin creams containing amino acids and macro elements. Wipe your skin well with fresh potato juice containing all the vitamins necessary for skin, and also about thirty macro elements.