Thursday, January 27, 2011

How to Choose a New Perfume

The choice of a perfume is a responsible task since it must emphasize the individuality, character and emotions of a person. To find a flavor that would really fit your personality; you need to learn some secrets of perfumes.

To determine the direction of the odor
To make a decision about a new flavor, you must first understand flavors of what direction you prefer. A perfume can be floral, fruity, woody, or spicy. Often the choice depends on how a particular scent sounds like on the skin, on the memories that it evokes, and on the emotions it causes.

Hear the sound of a fragrance on the skin
The same aroma will sound differently on different people’s skin. It happens so because the epidermis tends to change the characteristics of the perfume. To find out whether a flavor is suitable for you, you need to test it on the surge zones - on the wrist bend, behind the ear lobe, and on the side of the neck, and then wait for half an hour. Thus, you can truly understand the sound of fragrance on your skin, catch the slightest nuances of it, and feel if it fits you.

Understand the flavor notes
Each fragrance is a building with complex architecture or a piece of music with lots of notes. Connecting all the notes results in a kind of a pyramid, where the top notes are highlighted, sensing immediately after applying the perfume, the notes of the heart - they are shown after ten or twelve minutes, and base notes, which are the basic sound of the flavor. Only after an hour you can feel the real, basic scent of the perfume. Exactly during this time all the three groups of notes reveal their sounds and help to understand if the perfume fits you.

Choose the correct formula
Another difficulty is the choice of a formula that suits you most: eau de toilette, a perfume, a lotion, eau de cologne, a solid perfume, or perfumed powder. For daily use eau de toilette is the best because of its unobtrusive transparent scent envelops you with an invisible haze, without overloading your image. Lotions and perfumed powder delicately flavor the skin, too. For a more intense sound eau de perfume or a perfume are more appropriate, which help to create a strong fragrant cocoon around you during your evening going out.

Apply the fragrance correctly
There is a peculiar belief that a perfume should be applied in places that often kissed. Put a drop of perfume on the wrist bend, behind the ear lobe, on the side of the neck, and in a hole between your breasts. Use a perfume moderately. Only two or three sprayings of toilet water would be enough for light flavor flair and for its delicate sound.

Store your perfume properly
For a perfume to please you for a long time by its unique flavor and not changing it, it is necessary to observe the rules of its storage because perfume does not like direct sunlight, extreme changes in temperature, and the heat. Perfume is best stored in its original packaging. On average, after opening a fragrance maintains its quality for two to five years.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Male Manicure Tips

The word "manicure" sounds somehow not mannishly, but it is well-conditioned nails that make difference between guys and monkeys. Men are getting closer and closer to novelties in nail care. It does not at all mean that they color them brightly, no, they just treat them correctly. Are you intrigued? If you don’t want to visit a salon, below is the step-by step algorithm of a nail care for men at home.

You will need:
• Nail nippers
• A nail-file
• A three-sided polishing file
• A cuticle stick

Step 1. Nail nippers
Process your nails with nail nippers, removing only the ends in order not to damage fingers. Give them a square shape, remove hangnails.
Note: if the length of a nail is less than 0,8 inches it is better to use a nail-file.

Step 2. A manicure file
Use a file to make nails roundish and smooth. This will make them look well-groomed, and will allow them to grow exactly.
Note: file nails in one direction: then they won't peel, and hangnails won’t appear.

Step 3. A polishing file
Sounds sexy, doesn’t it? In fact, it is very funny that many young men take it as a womanish thing. This kind of a file is necessary to even the nail plate, and to give shine to the nails. This is the finishing stroke of your manicure.

Step 4. A cuticle stick
Cuticle is a skin layer distant from the center which is located above a nail surface. Removing a cuticle, you make your nails look more well-groomed. Humidify the skin with a lotion or a special means for cuticle to soften it. Then move it, using the round end of the stick.
Note: usually in the cuticle area there are hangnails. Don't damage them; otherwise you can cause an infection.

Step 5. Again a three-sided file
Use the third side to finish your nail care. Don’t get upset, it’s healthy nail shine. It’s typical not only for girls, but also for men.