Sunday, January 9, 2011

Male Manicure Tips

The word "manicure" sounds somehow not mannishly, but it is well-conditioned nails that make difference between guys and monkeys. Men are getting closer and closer to novelties in nail care. It does not at all mean that they color them brightly, no, they just treat them correctly. Are you intrigued? If you don’t want to visit a salon, below is the step-by step algorithm of a nail care for men at home.

You will need:
• Nail nippers
• A nail-file
• A three-sided polishing file
• A cuticle stick

Step 1. Nail nippers
Process your nails with nail nippers, removing only the ends in order not to damage fingers. Give them a square shape, remove hangnails.
Note: if the length of a nail is less than 0,8 inches it is better to use a nail-file.

Step 2. A manicure file
Use a file to make nails roundish and smooth. This will make them look well-groomed, and will allow them to grow exactly.
Note: file nails in one direction: then they won't peel, and hangnails won’t appear.

Step 3. A polishing file
Sounds sexy, doesn’t it? In fact, it is very funny that many young men take it as a womanish thing. This kind of a file is necessary to even the nail plate, and to give shine to the nails. This is the finishing stroke of your manicure.

Step 4. A cuticle stick
Cuticle is a skin layer distant from the center which is located above a nail surface. Removing a cuticle, you make your nails look more well-groomed. Humidify the skin with a lotion or a special means for cuticle to soften it. Then move it, using the round end of the stick.
Note: usually in the cuticle area there are hangnails. Don't damage them; otherwise you can cause an infection.

Step 5. Again a three-sided file
Use the third side to finish your nail care. Don’t get upset, it’s healthy nail shine. It’s typical not only for girls, but also for men.