Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Beautiful Eyelashes Needs Natural Care

Expressiveness and attractiveness of woman's glance depends much on what her eyelashes look like. Of course, most women would like to have beautiful eyelashes, long and thick, preferably of a dark color; however, not every woman has such eyelashes by nature.

This does not mean that we should accept and be content with what we have: we can always do our eyelashes more thick and fluffy, and even make them grow.

This is not about eyelash extensions or using lengthening mascara, although these methods can also help: they give the result, but it is always temporary, as for the eyelashes condition, such methods often do not affect it the best way.

If you are lucky enough to have beautiful and long eyelashes of your own, you need to care for them, too. Eyelashes are hair, too, but if we take care of our hair, the lashes are often just colored. Eyelashes suffer from everyday exposure of mascara; they weaken and begin to fall out.

How are our eyelashes arranged? They are bristly hairs that grow on our eyelids: - in 3-4 rows on upper eyelids, and in 1-2 rows on lower eyelids. The total number of the hairs is around 200, and each of them lives for 3-5 months, when a hair falls out, then grows a new one.

When eyelashes fall out, and then new ones grow, it is natural, but sometimes they literally crumble, and then we have to turn to specialists to determine the cause of their loss. Better not bring your eyelashes to such a condition but start taking care of them while they still can be helped by simple means - the more so because it doesn’t need a lot of time.

Now cosmetics manufacturers are offering a lot of means for the care of lashes, but it is better to use natural remedies. They help to strengthen the lashes, give them normal nutrition, make them thick and bulky, and even stimulate their growth.

Strengthening masks for eyelashes must be done regularly, better in the evening, before bedtime, after removing makeup and washing.