Monday, January 30, 2012

A Secret of Ayurveda Beauty Care. Part 1.

Ayurveda doctrine considers principles of alternative medicine and originated from ancient India. In Sanskrit, it means "complete knowledge". Ayurveda concept of beauty care is different from the modern beauty care practiced around the world. It considers a holistic approach to soul, mind and body as well.

Ayurveda beauty care treatment encompasses such beauty products as herbs, ointments, lubricants. There is no by-effect of these ingredients. The Ayurveda beauty skin care includes an improvement of the skin like eliminating stains and dark spots from skin and making it smooth and bright.

By applying rejuvenation therapy an individual can free body of toxic wastes restoring cellular nutrition and making it fresh and healthy. Hence rejuvenation therapy assists person to begin a process of performing healthy lifestyle changes it opens ways to achieve natural beauty, which is not related to the physical body but cover qualities and mentality of a person.

Although Ayurveda beauty care includes cosmetics beauty guidance it is not just about applying some herbs, preparations or oils, but about changing of the entire lifestyle and contains dinacharya (or healthy daily routines) and rithucharya (lifestyle routines for the season).

According to Ayurveda directions one must perform certain healthy routines such as wake up before sunrise, nourish certain food, and do physical exertion and so on. Keeping a balanced lifestyle and a proper diet you shall definitely obtain healthy body and as well beautiful appearance.