Saturday, March 16, 2013

Health Benefits of Fish Oil

When my friend was first diagnosed with cancer, the doctors quickly recommended a change in diet. One of the interesting items on the list was fish oil supplements. All of us, of course, had heard about such supplements and seen them advertised. However, it was surprising to read and learn just how beneficial they are. Apparently, the benefits aren’t limited to just patients with cancer.

According to what I found, fish oil supplements provide numerous benefits, with research to back up the claims. These benefits include protection against heart attacks and stroke, improved cardiovascular health, lowering some cancer risks, helping with joint health and even improved mental health. I was so impressed with my findings it seems that fish oil supplements are almost like wonder drugs.

Much of the benefit comes from the omega fatty acids that simply don’t come in sufficient quantities in most of our daily diets. That is where the supplements come in. Like many other products, I also found that not all supplements have the same effectiveness. It is important to get the freshness and potency that they need to be effective.

As we researched suppliers in our process, we found Ovitaminpro highly recommended and to have a great selection of products at reasonable prices. They even have products for our pets.

Beyond the basics, we also now use the EPA-DHA formulas that help boost and maintain the omega 3 fatty levels. As a novice, it was especially helpful to ask questions and get good answers about what products we needed and in what quantities. We share this with others as we spread the word about fish oil supplements.