Friday, June 28, 2013

Try Heart Rate Sports Watches

Competition is what drives many people to top performance and personal achievement. Setting personal goals is a powerful motivator. Using a heart monitor to gauge those goals against previous achievements is a great motivator and source of competition. Dependable equipment is a must when you are serious about your exercise and health. You will find just the right one from the choices of heart rate sports watches from

Heart Rate Monitors USA has a hefty inventory of convenient, easy to carry with you heart rate watches with many different options. Polar, Wahoo, Forerunner and Garmin are a few of the industry power names that are carried. Features such as GPS, distance tracking, speed/pace and calories burned are available on many of the models.

Examples of the two extremes begin with a simple Timex GPS watch that keeps data for speed and distance. The Timex is an affordable alternative but for those in the opposite spectrum who are more serious about their training, a Polar Premium Training Package may be the model of choice. This package includes a training computer, heart rate sensor, stride sensor, cadence and speed W.I.N.D. sensor, GPS and a data link transfer unit.

In between these two examples are choices to fit everyone’s needs and budgets. You will be sure to find the heart rate sports watch to make the lifestyle change you seek or meet the competitive goals you have set.