Thursday, October 17, 2013

At Home Manicure Tips. Part 1.

A fresh manicure helps every woman looks well-groomed. A regular manicure protects skin from being coarse, stimulates nail growth and prevents their splitting and as well improves the condition cuticles. Massage during manicure procedure facilitates blood circulation, aids in removal of toxins in tissues and develops joint mobility.

As the hands are more exposed to the environment than any part of the body, grime is easily gathered on them. During a manicure dirt and dead skin cells are removed. Manicure action includes a thorough cleansing of the hand skin with applying of exfoliating lotions. 

First of all, it is needed to wash hands with soap before starting to do manicure then delete the old nail polish. It is recommended to use as little nail polish remover as necessary to remove the polish because nail-polish remover is extremely drying. 

Trim your nails with nail clippers. It is easier to trim the nails after soaking. Gently file the nails into desired shape using the least abrasive emery board. It is better to give your nails gently rounded edges to protect the nail growth. Try to avoid cut the nails too short, as this increases the risk of ingrown nails.

Now it is turn to buff nails. It is good to use soft, flexible buffer to even out the surface and to smooth the edges. Remember that excessive grinding can lead to the nails weakening.