Monday, November 10, 2014

Homemade Cream for Eyelids

When you drink too much for a night then you’ll see puffy eyes in the morning. In this case you can prepare the special cream for eyelids, which will help you.

You will need two big bunches of fresh parsley and 1 tablespoon of butter. Squeeze juice from parsley and mix 1 tablespoon of juice with butter. Spread the mixture until homogeneous condition. Put the mass in the glass pot and keep it in the fridge.

Dilute the rest of the parsley juice with water half-and-half. Pour in the ice-form and keep to freeze in the freezer.

In the morning when you want to help your eyes to open, rub the skin around eyes with an ice cube from parsley juice. When it dries, apply some your homemade cream on eyelids.

Also you can make this procedure in the evening before sleep and maybe you will have no need in it in the morning.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Cellulite Home Remedies

For many women, simple cellulite home remedies have become very popular as a natural solution to invasive procedures. These are some ways on how to get rid of cellulite using simple home remedies to smooth skin dimples, to reduce fat and cellulite.

They include drinking lots of water, eating fresh fruits and vegetables, exercises and cardio workouts, and massaging warm coffee powder on the affected area. It is especially useful deep-tissue massages using the ingredients for cellulite home remedies such as honey or mix coffee grounds with honey, as massages improve the blood flow of the cellulite-infested areas in the bodies.

Simple cellulite home remedies have coffee as the base ingredient. The caffeine in coffee grounds is  known for its effectiveness at improving the appearance of skin, including cellulite.

There is cellulite home coffee remedy that includes coffee grounds with blue clay and mineral water. It is needed massaging, apply the mix to slightly damp skin. Caffeine promotes decay of subcutaneous fat whereas clay pulls the excess fluid from subcutaneous tissue.

On the other hand, one can also use cocoa butter cream, raw cane sugar, and dark roast coffee, and use these as a scrub to apply to cellulite areas.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

The Best Homemade Oil for Massage

Actually for massage of face and body it’s better to use the offered mixture of oils.

Take 100 ml linseed oil, 100 ml sunflower-seed oil, 100 ml olive oil of cold extraction, 30 ml burdock oil and mix everything carefully. Also add in 30 drops essential oils of an orange, juniper and ylang-ylang. Finally add 20 ml oil solution of vitamin E (5%).

You can leave this mixture on the skin after massage. It will be soaked into skin in 10 minutes. Generally you can use it as a cream. If you hurry then take the oil debris away with a napkin.

By the way, don’t forget that you should make a massage on the cleaned face and body. Before beginning the procedure of massage, check the oil mixture for your skin susceptibility. Drip some drops on the skin and wait for 10-15 minutes. If there is no any reddening, you can use the massage oil made by your hands.

Friday, August 1, 2014

The Eastern Elixir of Youth and Beauty

If you make it a rule to take elixir every day, then you will feel the great improvement of your health and vitality.

You will need 100 ml of lemon juice, 200g  honey and 50 ml of olive oil. Mix all ingredients carefully.  So elixir is ready.

Take elixir in 1 teaspoon every day in the morning for so long period as you wish.

As result you’ll see the great effects:
- Elixir will improve the color of face;
- Eyes will begin to shine;
- Skin will become smooth;
- gastrointestinal tract activity will come to normal;
- Elixir will strengthen your immunity.

Be young and healthy!

Friday, July 4, 2014

Cellulite as the Consequence of Overweight

If you are slightly overweight, you are probably familiar with cellulite, the skin dimples that result from accumulation of fat. There are fat cells that have become enlarged causing these cells now to take up more space between the skin's connective tissues than normal; the fat then expands these spaces resulting in the overlying skin dimpling in. However, the main reason is the decrease of naturally produced collagen and elastin.

Doctors usually advise to use daily massages, dieting, and exercise since a cure for cellulite has not yet been known. It is especially recommended to tone the thighs and buttocks with exercises designed for these areas such as squats, leg lift, kickbacks, sidekicks and lunges.

You can also watch the food you eat and dieting. You have to know the kind of foods that are anti-cellulite since the kind and amount of food you ingest can contribute greatly to the development of your cellulite problems.

There are vitamin supplements such as vitamin C, which was proven to reduce body fat and cellulite, potassium for fluid retention, iodine for increase metabolism, and essential fatty acids from fish oil and flaxseed to help tone skin. It is also recommended to reduce the amount of tea, alcohol and coffee during the day and not to eat those foods that keep liquid in the body.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Try Airbrush Makeup to Get Flawless-Looking Skin in Seconds

An industry secret amongst professional makeup artists, stylists and beauty industry experts for many years, airbrushing makeup is now making its way into the hands of beauty customers. Airbrush makeup has developed a cult-like following, generating buzz for its ability to cover a multitude of skin flaws in seconds.

Airbrush makeup is dispersed through a wand mechanism, compressor and air hose that gives buildable coverage unlike any other traditional foundation makeup delivery system. If you want model-perfect skin in a matter of seconds, an airbrush system is well worth the investment.

Many women are drawn to airbrush makeup because of its no-mess application process. You do not need to purchase sponges, brushes or application pads or worry about getting foundation messes on your hands, fingers and clothing with airbrush makeup. Blendable and buildable coverage is naturally built in to any great airbrush makeup machine.

An example of a great in-home airbrush system is Temptu. It comes with a quick-start guide to teach you industry tips and tricks, a one-year warranty, an AC adapter and everything you need to achieve flawless skin in seconds. The Temptu airbrush system works in tandem with AIRpod makeup products and delivers weightless, natural-looking results that will amaze you.

Many women fear that they cannot achieve professional-looking results with an airbrush tool in their home. These technologically-advanced beauty tools have revolutionized the industry and make it virtually foolproof to achieve professional results from the privacy and convenience of your own home.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Perfume Etiquette Tips. Part 3.

Choosing the right perfume is a key. Scents like the clothing style that works for one person but may not suit another. When applying perfume its smell should be combined with the body chemistry to create your unique fragrance that allows your perfume to make you more attractive.

While choosing perfume it is needed to take into consideration the time of day, season and purpose. Day and summer scents should be lighter than the evening and winter ones. A fragrance should be suitable to occasion. One should also consider ones mood.

You may have your favorite fragrances for going out. In some cases should not apply heavy odors. It is not recommended to use perfume in a public place - especially in the restaurant. In fact, during a meal, people should be able to appreciate the smell of food, without being distracted.

Keep in mind that fragrances have an expiry date. About a year or two, it begins to change and its beautiful scent can become musky or harsh. No matter how much you love your perfume, it's time to replace it.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Perfume Etiquette Tips. Part 2.

Show restraint in use of perfume. Too much perfume can not only distract others from their work, but also cause headache or nausea. So, your colleague may not want to smell your perfume all day long.

Also odor of perfume enhances in enclosed areas as well as in the sun and warmth.

One should not hurry to perfume oneself again. You get used to its scent, and just because you can no longer feel it, it does not mean other people do not smell it, too.

It is also important to know where to apply perfume. Perfume spraying on clothes will smell differently than the perfume putting on your skin, because your body chemistry creates a new scent peculiar only to you.

Apply perfume to the points inside the wrists, behind the ears and knees and on the neck. Be very careful when applying perfume on clothes. We can use other perfume in future or wear the garment that has another smell; the result will be mixture of smells.

As in all other cases of personal hygiene, perfumes application should occur in a private place, such as home, or, if necessary, in a toilet room. It's impolite to expose the others toxic attack if you are going to perfume yourselves around others or in confined space.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Try New Tools of Diagnosis

While the medical world is busy finding new discoveries for treating illnesses, software is not far behind. Being able to distinguish the elements of certain patterns in X-rays, can further the analysis of such medical findings. An X-ray is not just a method of determining sprains and broken bones, but a picture that serves hundreds of other purposes. With technical strategic planning, not only can X-rays deliver needed information, but can also pinpoint errors that can occur through human assessment.

2D Detector Applications

A 2D detector application has brought clarity to shadows and rough areas of film presentations with a view of masses, otherwise only questioned. Bi-axial and tri-axial vector components uncover stress measurements that the former uniaxial approach had a tendency to over look.

Automatic Search Mechanisms

A search/match algorithm can aid in data manipulation, phase identification and presentation. This is a very beneficial tool in keeping valuable data compiled, sorted and stored. Notes on discovery, memory glitches, and little known facts can easily be configured and ready to evaluate over and over again.

NIST Registered Standards

NIST reported standards represents a common comparison in instrument calibration and only the newest and most up-to-date X-ray software can deliver such standards. These conditions share such needed compatibility in line position and shape, Quantitative Analyses, intensity calibration, and crystallite sizes.

Having the right tools of diagnosis can not only deliver clarity in results, but also make the work easier in making assessments. When one only has to click here to receive and review crucial medical information, more time is available for treating patients quickly and accurately. As more and more discoveries of the human body are made, the methods used in discovery and charting are necessary.

Finding the right avenue for evolving medical lab software takes the experience and knowledge of independent contracting services. Constant research and filing new patents is a sign that new and invaluable software will be available as soon as possible. Look to world class labs that specialize in specific fields to find outstanding software that meets the ever growing needs in the medical arena. Staying on top of the game is a huge part in the fast-paced changes of medicine today.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Perfume Etiquette Tips. Part 1.

People usually do not consider that concept of etiquette also applies to perfume. Some women put perfume for own enjoyment whereas the others use them to attract someone.

Generally, we think of our perfume as a means to enhance our attractiveness, and that the others will enjoy inhaling their scent, but it is not always the case.

We may find ourselves around people who do not like the aroma of our perfume or they may be allergic to perfume. How to find out how much perfume is too much or not enough? Let's discuss some perfume etiquette tips.

Remember that perfume is not a body spray. While spray can mask odors, the use of perfume to hide the unpleasant odor, such as body odor, alcohol or cigarettes will only create a bomb of toxic scents.

To comply with perfume etiquette it is necessary to learn to apply perfume without impeding the life of other people. Your perfume should not declare itself. Moderation is the key. Fragrance is intimate, so one should apply it with care. Aroma of your perfume should be subtle enough that people around may smell just a hint of fragrance.