Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Perfume Etiquette Tips. Part 1.

People usually do not consider that concept of etiquette also applies to perfume. Some women put perfume for own enjoyment whereas the others use them to attract someone.

Generally, we think of our perfume as a means to enhance our attractiveness, and that the others will enjoy inhaling their scent, but it is not always the case.

We may find ourselves around people who do not like the aroma of our perfume or they may be allergic to perfume. How to find out how much perfume is too much or not enough? Let's discuss some perfume etiquette tips.

Remember that perfume is not a body spray. While spray can mask odors, the use of perfume to hide the unpleasant odor, such as body odor, alcohol or cigarettes will only create a bomb of toxic scents.

To comply with perfume etiquette it is necessary to learn to apply perfume without impeding the life of other people. Your perfume should not declare itself. Moderation is the key. Fragrance is intimate, so one should apply it with care. Aroma of your perfume should be subtle enough that people around may smell just a hint of fragrance.