Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Perfume Etiquette Tips. Part 2.

Show restraint in use of perfume. Too much perfume can not only distract others from their work, but also cause headache or nausea. So, your colleague may not want to smell your perfume all day long.

Also odor of perfume enhances in enclosed areas as well as in the sun and warmth.

One should not hurry to perfume oneself again. You get used to its scent, and just because you can no longer feel it, it does not mean other people do not smell it, too.

It is also important to know where to apply perfume. Perfume spraying on clothes will smell differently than the perfume putting on your skin, because your body chemistry creates a new scent peculiar only to you.

Apply perfume to the points inside the wrists, behind the ears and knees and on the neck. Be very careful when applying perfume on clothes. We can use other perfume in future or wear the garment that has another smell; the result will be mixture of smells.

As in all other cases of personal hygiene, perfumes application should occur in a private place, such as home, or, if necessary, in a toilet room. It's impolite to expose the others toxic attack if you are going to perfume yourselves around others or in confined space.