Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Perfume Etiquette Tips. Part 3.

Choosing the right perfume is a key. Scents like the clothing style that works for one person but may not suit another. When applying perfume its smell should be combined with the body chemistry to create your unique fragrance that allows your perfume to make you more attractive.

While choosing perfume it is needed to take into consideration the time of day, season and purpose. Day and summer scents should be lighter than the evening and winter ones. A fragrance should be suitable to occasion. One should also consider ones mood.

You may have your favorite fragrances for going out. In some cases should not apply heavy odors. It is not recommended to use perfume in a public place - especially in the restaurant. In fact, during a meal, people should be able to appreciate the smell of food, without being distracted.

Keep in mind that fragrances have an expiry date. About a year or two, it begins to change and its beautiful scent can become musky or harsh. No matter how much you love your perfume, it's time to replace it.