Thursday, May 21, 2015

Great Aroma Mixtures Recipes

Children mostly like warm or sweet scents. However, due to the fact that their bodies are still in a state of development, aromatherapy means should be applied for them in quite minimal dosages. It is best if the oils will be applied to terracotta and clay figurines, aroma medallions, or pads. Various things made of raw wood, orange or grapefruit peel keep smells well. This method is used to flavor the air in the nursery.

Remember one thing - the nature of the mixture should correspond to the time of the year. For example, in the spring or summer it is better to use essential oils with fresh scents (citrus, pine); and on Christmas Day or New Year's Eve - warmer scents (floral or spicy).

A mixture to raise your mood: orange oil - 2 drops, ylang-ylang oil - 2 drops.

Anti-cold mix: chamomile oil - 1 drop, mandarin oil - 2 drops, tea tree oil - 2 drops, oil of thyme - 1 drop.

Children's holiday mixtures:
1) Lemon - 3 drops, orange - 2 drops, chamomile - 2 drops.
2) Lavender - 2 drops, cinnamon - 2 drops, rose - 3 drops.
3) Mandarin - 3 drops, lemon - 3 drops.

Have a good mood, good health and enjoy your creativity in using the gift of nature - essential oils!