Thursday, September 10, 2015

Mineral Cosmetics Benefits

Last time mineral cosmetics became very popular. What benefits does this cosmetic have? Let's try to look.

First of all mineral cosmetic doesn't contain any chemical components. There are no talc, spirit, dyestuff, preservatives. There are only micro particles of minerals and natural pigments. That's why it fits all women with any type of skin, even very sensitive one.

All mineral elements, like diamond powder, zinc oxide, ferric oxide, boron nitride, titanium dioxide, aluminum silicate, care about your skin greatly. Moreover they soothe skin irritations, stop skin inflammations, heal micro-wounds and so on.

Zinc oxide is a natural UV-filter with SPF 15. That's why when you use cosmetics with zinc oxide, you don't need any additional sun protective means.

This cosmetic doesn't clog pores, and at the same time conceals such skin shortcomings, as acne, rosacea, small wrinkles and so on. Also it absorbs skin fat ideally.

Mineral cosmetics – powder, correctors, eye shadows, blusher, lip gloss – is very economical, because has the consistency of the finest powder. Very little amount of the cosmetic mean is enough to make thin and light, but very strong layer of cosmetic. And skin continues to breathe too.

Makeup with mineral cosmetic gives a natural shining and healthy look to skin. And there is no need to be corrected during the whole day.

And the main thing is that so great benefits of this cosmetics let you not to remove makeup before sleep! (Though you should do it in any way).