Friday, January 15, 2016

Winter Makeup Tips

The winter months are rightly considered as the most dangerous for the delicate facial skin. And more dangerous thing is the sharp temperature drop when you leave the room for the street.

The air in buildings is usually too dry because of many heaters. Also in the street it can be biting wind and snow. As a result of all these climatic factors, your skin type can be changed: dry skin becomes sensitive, normal skin becomes dry and oily one may get properties of the normal skin.

That’s why you should remember about one rule of winter makeup: apply all cosmetics, at least half an hour before leaving home. In this case cosmetic means will have time to penetrate into skin well. Do not forget to dry off the remnants of foundation cream.

Together with the change of seasons, you should make changes in your cosmetic bag. You’d better to take away from it:

• blusher, since your cheeks will be redden because of cold;

• bronze powder, your skin will look scary at the light of bulbs;

• powder with bright shiny particles, because at the dim winter sun (especially in cold weather) it will look unnatural;

• professional potent scrubs, because skin is exposed to traumatic effects of climate.

What should be added in your cosmetic bag:

• oily foundation cream. Choose this cosmetic mean on the butter basis instead of water one;

• colorless loose powder. It gives additional protection for the facial skin;

• perfume with drawling floral aroma. In the cold they really unfold, replacing unnecessary molestation on a soft, enveloping charm. In addition, such perfume raises the mood;

• moisturizing tonic-spray keeping from summer, because dry air in the office affects the skin as well as a 30-degree heat.