Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Ideal Eyebrows? It's Easy!

Is it impossible task for you to make perfect eyebrows? Actually the problem of disobedient eyebrows is a problem that does not occur often, but sometimes it happens. If your eyebrows are not amenable to any procedure, and it’s difficult to care for them, then these tips are here for you.

The ideal cosmetic mean for eyebrows of some women will be the wax, which is usually used for styling hair. The basis of this product is beeswax. This is a cheap tool, but keep in mind that it is very thick, so you should comb the eyebrows.

Begin with brushing of eyebrows, using a toothbrush (of course, not the one that you clean your teeth with). Repeat five times for each eyebrow.

If you have long hair, then try to cut. Just do it carefully, do not damage the eyes.

When you use tweezers, do energetic jerks, it is not so painful.

Once you have combed your eyebrows hair, put a drop of wax on the tip of your finger and spread over the eyebrows. Leave for a few seconds, then comb to remove its surplus.

If the wax is difficult to use for you for some reason, find a "tamer of the eyebrows". It is sold in the same tubes as mascara and is applied with a brush. It looks like a hair gel, that’s why it is easy to use. The result, of course, is not equivalent to the action of wax, but the effect will last for several hours.

You can make your own "tamer of the eyebrows" by yourself. Here is the recipe:
1. Mix two teaspoons of beeswax with a teaspoon of castor oil.
2. Place the mixture in a microwave oven and wait for the complete dissolution of the wax.
3. Pour the mixture into a container.
4. Refrigerate it until induration.