Wednesday, February 15, 2017

The Math of Health and Beauty. Part 1.

One plus one is two. Is it true? Yes. And one plus one is four. Is it true? Yes, too. The thing is in the useful qualities of any foodstuff. During the interaction of definite components their useful effect will double. So you will get double use for your organism if you eat great combination of food. Here you can take a closer look at the top of the most useful nutritional combinations.

Apples plus Oranges is Energy
As you know apples contain the great number of iron. Doctors often recommend apples to treat anemia, various conditions of depression and fatigue. It’s a pity, but human organism can get only 20% of iron from apples.

Italian scientists found out that vitamin C increases assimilability of iron more than 5 times. This means when you eat the salad from one apple and one orange, you will get 100% useful iron, contained in apples!

Salad plus Avocado is Good Vision
American scientists made the experiment, when one group of people ate the salad composed of green lettuce, carrot and spinach, and another group ate the same salad with 3 tablespoons of avocado pulp in addition. As result the volunteers from the second group got alpha-carotene in 8 times more, beta-carotene in 13 times more and lutein in 4 times more.

As you understand all these substances are necessary and very useful for eyes health and good vision. Scientists suppose that the better assimilability of these useful substances should thank special fats, contained in avocado.