Monday, March 27, 2017

The Math of Health and Beauty. Part 2.

Green Tea plus Lemon is Healthy Heart
Recently Japanese scientists have found out that green tea lovers, who drink not less 2 cups of tea per a day, have lower chances to die from stroke or other cardiovascular diseases. This protective effect is provided by catechines, powerful antioxidants.

Also scientists were surprised one more fact. If lemon juice, containing the great amount of vitamin C, is added to green tea, human organism will get 13 times as much these useful substances. If you don’t like lemon, then you can add orange or grapefruit juice in tea.

Scientists also notify that it is better not to add cream or milk in green tea, because milk hampers the process of absorption not only catechines, but also other useful elements from tea.

Beef plus Carrot is Effective Immunity
This combination is not only tasty, but also very useful. As we know carrot is rich in vitamin A, which plays the important role in the protection of organism from infections. But it is difficult for our organism to extract useful substances without zinc. And zinc is contained in beef.

Vitamin A can "travel" in the circulatory system only in combination with protein. And zinc is necessary for forming protein, conjunctive vitamin A. That’s why, if zinc is not enough in organism, vitamin A won’t be able to get organism tissues from liver.

Water plus Cranberry Juice is Strong Teeth
As it turned out free-sugar cranberry juice prevents oral cavity from accumulation of streptococcic bacteria, provoking caries. Moreover cranberry juice keeps teeth from dental calculus.

Water dilutes juice and makes it not so acid. It means juice becomes more acceptable for stomach.