Wednesday, May 17, 2017

The Math of Health and Beauty. Part 4.

Turmeric plus Black Pepper is Retentive Memory
Curcumin, contained in aromatic yellow spice, has anticarcinogenic qualities and also prevents from sclerosis and Alzheimer's diseases. But this useful product is assimilated by our organism bad.

Then scientists found out one interesting fact. Add ground black pepper to turmeric and then absorption of curcumin increases in many times, providing our organism with "protection from oblivion" completely.

So if you are going to cook chicken or meat, then rub it with the mixture of turmeric and pepper in advance. It's tasty and health-giving! And remember! All kinds of spices are very useful.

Burger plus Yogurt is Slender Waist
Everyone knows that burgers have no use both for health and figure. But sometimes we haven’t enough time to find any other food, so we eat "fast-food". In the next time when you have to eat a burger, then eat fat and sugar free yogurt for desert. And you will decrease the amount of harm saturated fat in your organism.

Calcium, contained in yogurt, connects fat acids in the digestive system, preventing their absorption. As recent experiments shows, three cups of fat and sugar free yogurt per a day prevent from entry in our organism of 85 kilocalories.